My State of the Union: 2/21/2016

Good Sunday Morning to you and welcome to the first installment of my Sunday State of the Union! This will be the week in short and will cover everything from A to Z, or at least everything between A and Z that I care to mention. This weekly post will be published EVERY Sunday morning and will be written throughout the week. Being the first post, this SOTU will cover this past week as well. So without further ado..
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The post Valentines Day week! The week where the newly engaged couples are happy together, the new couples are happy together, and us single people are happy alone with sale price chocolate. While I sit here eating an obscene number of Hershey kisses, let's see what happened this week:

1.Conservativism on Campus - This past Tuesday evening, GOP strategist Karl Rove spoke at American University. Earlier that day, as a response to some on campus backlash to Rove as well as many other speakers, a friend of mine had an editorial published in the Washington Examiner. Krista Chavez, president of AU's chapter of the Network of Enlightened Women,  wrote incredibly well on the topic of conservatism on campus, a topic that I myself am incredibly passionate about.

2. Apple Does Fall Far - By now I am sure you've read the open letter from Tim Cook regarding the FBI's requesting Apple to unlock the iPhone from the San Bernadino shooting. And I have to say, I strongly agree with Cook. We can all agree that there is no way in the world that the US Government can keep the necessary iOS adjustments secure and only ever use them for extreme cases. I don't trust the government with that technology, and I don't even have an iPhone any more! Despite that, there has to be some way for Apple and the FBI to come to a compromise to access this specific phone to access the information held inside.

3. Missing the Mockingbird - This week we lost a literary great. Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set A Watchman, died this past day at age 89. She wrote the book that help me make the change from children and young adult books to the 'grown up' classics as a child and I have always loved Lee. Her life, especially that surrounding the publishing of Watchman, will be thrust back into the spotlight again, something she often avoided. Regardless, Harper Lee will be greatly missed by all in the literary community.

4. Koch and Bern? - So. Many. Inapropriate Puns. Last week, Charles Koch of the (in?)famous Koch brothers, agreed with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders that our current system is broken, trapping millions in poverty and hopelessness. I for one, strongly agree with him. But does that make me and Charlie K liberal socialists? Heck to the no! Well actually, I should only speak for myself. I actually agree with a lot of what Bernie Sanders says and I like/respect him a lot for bringing these problems to light. That being said, I disagree with pretty much all of his methods to resolve these problems. But talking about these things is the first step towards a solution!

5. U Got The Power - I put this last on the list even though I started last week with this feeling. If you read the conclusion to my little saga last Thursday, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I found the amazing article by Molly Longest from about how to deal with one-sided love. I won't lie, this one definitely hurts a bit more than a regular break up, at least for me it does. But I'm going to try my very hardest to keep my head up and my upper lip stiff. Molly's article is the perfect way to jump start the recovery from this. She ends the post with the great song to start off your week. It's silly, but you know you love it, so give it a listen and don't forget to dance, because you just have to!

Photo of the Week:

This past week John Kasich made headlines after he hugged a young supporter, Brett Smith, who shared his story with the Governor. Why did I pick this photo for this week? Because for the absolute first time this entirely too long campaign cycle, a candidate wasn't a acting like a candidate. Kasich too his time to be a real, legitimate human person. When asked about this moment during CNN's GOP Town Hall, Kasich pretty much said it wasn't anything out of character for him and that he has done this before and will continue to do this. While Kasich isn't my number one choice for this upcoming election, this solidified him as a really great guy in my mind, and pushed him to the top of my list.

(Source: Washington Post)

Quote of the Week:
                             "Cultivate Your Positivity"
                                                                 -Devon Werkheiser 

That's all for this week's State of the Union, so until next time,
Writing to you from M, Personally


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