My State of the Union: 3/6/2016

Good Sunday Morning to you and welcome to of my Sunday State of the Union! This is the week in short and will cover everything from A to Z, or at least everything between A and Z that I care to mention. This weekly post will be published EVERY Sunday morning and will be written throughout the week. 
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Welcome to March everyone! Only two more months until the spring semester is over and summer break starts, so cue the countdown to the crazy summer. But until then, it's been a pretty neutral week news-wise for me. So without further ado..

1. #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain - Generally I hadn't followed the recent copyright issues on YouTube as much as I should. I learned quite a bit from watching Philip DeFranco's videos mostly. But watching Matthias' video on copyright abuse. Definitely check out the more indepth information videos oncopyright abuse if you're looking to get educated. I 100% support Matthias' demands for his 20 cent check from Studio71. And I encourage you to join the #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain trend and (respectively) tweet to YouTube's CEO, Susan Wojcicki. I will definitely be watching to see if that class action lawsuit does come up, which I think it will. Even more, I'm interested to see who will join onto the suit.

2. Gold Star For Me - A super cute and super short collab song by Dodie Clark and Carrie Fletcher. While this isn't really news, I recently discovered Dodie's channel through Evan Edinger, and she's pretty much the cutest human, like ever. Seriously. After you listen to Gold Star, make sure you listen to her original song, My Face. It's a cute little song that will really perk up your day! Her song Down is also a really great way to explain depression to someone who doesn't understand it. 

3. The What?! - News has come up recently about Fox's new comedy show called The Mick. When I saw that, I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. I'm sorry, but a comedy show entitled The MICK? Did no one at Fox try googling that first?? Or is it just a casual thing to use derogatory words for comedy titles now? Just because it isn't a common term now, doesn't mean it's not still offensive. I know that Fox's use of the term isn't meant in an offensive way. And I know that the connotation of the word has nothing to do with the show. But there are plenty of other titled that the producers could have chosen. As someone who is extremely proud of their Irish heritage, I find Fox's flippant use of a term historically used to demean Irish immigrants and Irish Americans extremely disturbing, offensive, and just plain ignorant. 

4. Donald's Drumf - Oh yes folks, believe it or not, a presidential candidate discussed his, ah, little candidate, on national television. I don't know in what world that is considered appropriate behavior for a candidate, but apparently the mass of the american people think it's just fine. Excuse me while I research my upcoming move to Canada..

Photo of the Week: I mean, what else could it be?? This week Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar! I guess the internet is over now, the world's greatest meme has now ended. But in all reality, congrats to Leo for this one!

Quote of the Week:
          "We get to have our hearts broken, dust ourselves off, and go find love again."
                                                               -Devon Werkheiser

That's all for this week's State of the Union, I'm off to go enjoy my spring break (yes, binge House of Cards).

Until next time, writing to you from M, Personally


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