Daily Diary #7: Seeing Green, Fly Out of My Pocket

There's a list of things. Not just random things. I've got $50,000 in debt right now, still have three years of education to go, and I desperately need to make some changes. Money is tight and I'm determined to pay off as much of these loans as I can before I graduate and everything really sets down on me. I made a list of goals and things I want to start doing. These will help me save money and earn money. This will go to investing to increase my money made and put into my loans, eliminating the principle and interest I'm earning right now. 

My goal is to create a side hustle, building a small business with potential to grow into a larger business network. Right now, I want to be earning an additional $270 per month at minimum.This would cover my monthly minimum payments for two of my loans. It would relieve the burden on my parents, that way any money that they don't have to put any money towards my loans. If I decide not to put any more towards my debt that month, then that's okay too. I want to create a side hustle that I enjoy, something with a purpose and a goal, something with a lasting effect. 

While earning that way, I'll also be selling off some things here and there, making a couple bucks off of books and clothes and whatever I can. Bringing in a few dollars when I can selling old stuff. This money would end up going towards my own wallet, paying for necessities as the need arises. 

That being said, I'm only going to shop sales and second hand, and only with a coupon. I've started couponing a bit for groceries, but it's difficult to shop for four people with insanely particular tastes. I want to start pre-cooking and meal planning for myself to eat healthier and eat less garbage. I want to meal plan around grocery store sales and coupons. I also look for coupons for make up and hair products when shopping in person. I also have a couple of apps I want to start using more to get money back for the food and whatnot that I'm buying.

I also want to start using online places to find clothes too. I do try to shop mostly sale, but it still really does add up. I also occasionally hit the thrift stores in my area too, but the population in my town is a bit older, so the thrift store looks are pretty ancient. Some good finds every now and then, but it's a lot of searching for clothes that don't make me look like I'm 70. I want to start using the online/app-based shopping options to find some previously owned clothes that are still in good condition and don't look like they're from 1960.

I'm not making much money at my job right now, and I can't keep spending money like I have been. All the little bit of green I'm getting, is flying out of pocket, and not always in the best managed way possible. Hopefully I can get smarter with it from now on, get myself better set for the next few years of college and beyond that as well. 

I'm off now, have to go balance the checkbook and account for all of my meh spending lately. Writing to you, as always, from M, Personally.