100+ Thoughts Of An American While Watching Eurovision PART TWO

It's 10 PM, I just spent the whole day walking around in NYC, let's do Eurovision!
  1. I love these two so much
  3. All of the theater references and I LOVE IT SO MUCH
  4. That's how I riverdance
  6. I vote for this opening act to win Eurovision 2016. 12 Points to them for those references.
  7. Eurovision Sooooong CooooonTEEESSSSSSTTT. Yes I am singing along.
  8. "Are you ready?" Aye Aye Captain Let's get this show on the road!
  9. This guy looks exactly like I would expect a Latvian to look tbh.
  10. It's okay, but I'm waiting for the drop
  11. WOAH Cool ass floory things
  12. I mean I like it, I like it a lot. But I don't know if I like it 12 points much, ya feel?
  13. It's not lackluster, but it just doesn't have that special thing I was looking for. A decent start.
  14. Poland's singer is a squirrel whisperer.
  15. I really don't like this.
  16. Try to ask your heart what color is your life? What?
  17. Minimal applause for that one ahahah
  18. There's a lot of suspense knowing that the top ten were kind of already chosesn when I'm watching this..
  20. Where are her shoes, oh ew.
  21. I'm really not loving this one either.
  22. Currently topping the list, because the pyrotechnics just topped Latvia.
  23. Israel looking a little bit like a long lost Jonas brother?
  24. I like the sparkles on his outfit and mic. Stars on the stage are really cool too.
  25. Amazing visuals here, taking full advantage of the space!!
  26. Cool actobats in the spinny thingy!
  27. I like the camera through the hoop!
  28. PYROS!
  29. Weird rocking thing at the end, but definitely topping my list.
  30. Also, yes dreams really do come true you precious soul!!
  32. Oh okay nevermind.
  33. This wolf thing is a little weird tbh.
  34. There is a unified theme behind this, but it's just like three levels above me and I am not getting his.
  35. And baby. What the hell.
  36. Night two is off to a rocky start y'all.
  37. HELLO NAKED HOST. He can be naked. I'm okay with that.
  38. This clip really doesn't do a good job introducing Serbia. I'm already worried for the song.
  39. Okay.. Weird bladey thing, but she's really talented.. Looks a bit like Kat Dennings?
  40. Is this song against relationship abuse, because that's pretty amazing if it is..
  41. I like that this performance is really about the singer, and NOT throwing visual effects at the audience.
  43. I liked it Serbia! Current number 2!
  44. IRELAND! MY PEOPLE! Big hopes for y'all!
  45. A real band, not just a singer, I like that! Catchy song! Sounds a little bit like Bruce Springsteen's voice..
  46. This seems like an actual song I'd hear on the radio.. Really like it too!
  47. Okay, sorry Serbia, Ireland is up at 2 right now.
  48. Oh I really don't like it when it's not in English. It sounds super ignorant, but I feel like I can't fully appreciate the song, because I have zero clue what they're saying.
  49. Even then, she has a stunning voice!
  50. Creepy drummer close up...
  51. Holy wow high note!!
  52. Donny Montell sounds like the name of the other Jersey Boy that never existed.
  53. Nice use of the lights..
  54. Woah! Big jump!
  55. He's pulling a Bieber with all this camera pointing and making eyes
  56. Ahahaha that one bald guy with zero expression
  57. Cool flip bro.
  58. It's was good. But like. Meh.
  59. I'm looking forward to Australia's entry this year..
  60. She. Is. Stunning.
  61. Who are these faces.. I feel like I should know who they are..
  62. This is another one with a little underlying theme that I'm not quite getting.. Much more than Mace though
  63. I love her voice!!
  65. AH-MAZING!
  66. Slovenia, this sounds a little like transition Taylor Swift
  67. Weird dancing, weird lyrics, weird theme
  68. Blue, Red, the other color doesn't matter.          Wait what. Tons of countries don't have blue and red. I mean like Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Italy, and tons of others.
  69. Not. A. Fan.
  70. Is Viktor Krum Performing? I'd be up for that.
  71. The static makes my eyes hurt.
  72. Sounds really similar to last year's winner to me, a tactic I am NOT a fan of.
  73. She dances like I do lol
  74. Super cool light up costume though.
  75. Wait, who are all these other people?!
  76. Six more countries, and the big yawns are starting. Uh oh, Gotta make it through!!
  77. Heard good things about Lighthouse X.
  78. They look kind of old..?
  79. Cool light up mics though!
  80. I like the lyrics! Cute, global, adaptable to the radio. Soldiers of Love is a little tacky, but it's still cute.
  81. It was really good, but a bit boring
  82. S/O to you America, Love is Love!
  83. Oops, Australia with a little flash there! All forgiven with the Spice Girls though!
  84. Oh, helloooooo Ireland...
  85. Uuh Ukraine, you okay there? These lyrics are making me worried..
  86. This feels a little bit like a dig at Russia..? Just me?
  87. Not sure how I feel about this one really..
  88. Stunning voice! This girl is talented!!
  89. She looks a teeny bit like a Norweigan Ellen Page..
  90. Gorgeous dress!
  91. .. do they have hurricanes in Norway?
  92. I'm liking this one, a little pop-ish for my taste, but really good.
  93. Three more performances. 50 minutes. The sleepies are hitting. Oh boy.
  94. Alright Georgia! New sound! Bringing some life back!
  95. Okay I feel like I'm in a really trippy Hollister..?
  96. This camera work is giving me motion sickness..
  97. Good, catchy, new sound.
  98. Maybe it's the hair, but she looks a little like Jessie J to me
  99. "Message of love can bring change" I do like when these songs have legitimate messages with them.
  100. I like Belgium's hair!
  101. I am liking this one! Jazzy, a little disco, great to dance to!
  102. Plus the singer is just too cute!
  103. It's 11:30, I'm exhausted, and definitely dancing to this one! Go Belgium!!
  104. Belgium definitely has a pretty good shot! Loving that song!
  105. Here are my rankings for the second Semi-Final: Israel/Australia/Belgium - Ireland - Serbia/Ukraine - Denmark - Macedonia - Georgia - Norway - Albania - Lithuania - Switzerland - Latvia - Bulgaria - Slovenia - Belarus - Poland
  106. I realized the reason I ranked Belarus so low, even through the song was okay, I spent most of the time trying to figure out the weird visuals and paid like zero attention to the actual song. It was too distracting.
  107. Ahahaha stab at Nixon, I see that Sweden!
  108. I love that little documentary thing.
  109. I was skipping the recap and missed the name of this thing, but is that Jarvis? Where is Tony?
  111. Kill it with fire before it becomes a Cylon!
  112. In all seriousness, this is actually really amazing. technology is so cool.
  113. WOAH THREE?!
  115. You three are cool too, but no lazers.
  116. Ah, ah, ah, ah Stayin' alive!
  117. Thriller! Yes! FAB music choice!
  118. Is this Bey?!
  120. Don't unplug him! He was just jamming out man..
  123. Wait, wait, wait, what was his name?!
  124. Was that a masturbation joke?! Holy crap.
  125. The girl from Italy looks terrified.
  126. That fake accent though ahaha
  127. Future Goals: Be Petra.
  128. Here we go Germany. Not loving her Japanese inspired look, I think for Eurovision you should really embrace your own culture, you know?
  129. Either way, she's really talented! And I think like, 17, right? Good for her!
  130. Italy this is weird with your floating stuff..
  131. Again, if it were in English I'd be better able to understand it and the point behind it.
  132. Oh hey, English! I'll have to withhold judgement until Saturday really.
  133. Good song UK! Again, have to wait to hear the full thing to judge, it's pretty pop/radio friendly.
  134. Whoo time to announce! Here we go..
Latvia - Meh. It was okay
Georgia - Okay I'll take it! Good pick!
Bulgaria - Not a fan really.
Australia - YEES!!
Ukraine - Yay! Loved that one!
Serbia - Yay again!!
Poland - No I'm sorry I did NOT like that one AT ALL.
Israel - YES! The poor thing looked so terrified I'm so happy!!
Lithuania - Meh. It was okay.
Belgium - TOTALLY knew it! She was amazing!

So I picked six out of the ten who were chosen for the Grand Finale! Not Bad!

Also JT is performing at the Eurovision finale this weekend and I am real pumped for it. Could this mean that the US will be invited to perform next year? In that case, move over Australia, yall gotta get out of this Star-Spangled way!!

That's a wrap for my belated thoughts on the second Eurovision Semi-Final! I am super excited for the mini party that Little O and I are throwing this Saturday at 3 PM to watch the Eurovision Grand Finale! Be sure to tune into Eurovision.tv to watch the Grand Finale AND check out my live blogging here to see my thoughts through the entire performance! Until then,

Writing to you from M, Personally