#WomensStrike -- Show Up

Just heard about the #WomensStrike coming up this week. And absolutely cannot believe that people are supporting it. Apparently the adult way to react to situations is to no show at work. Instead of maybe, if you have a problem, discuss it with your peers/supervisor(s)/boss(es), like a grown up. Acting like a big baby in the face of difficulty or injustice is not the way to accomplish anything in this world.

Should female scientists or CEOs skip work instead of working hard to pave the way in male dominated fields for the next generation? Should female doctors or nurses let others suffer while they skip for the day? What about the soldiers, the social workers, the students? Women in the White House or in Congress? Should anyone present themselves as unreliable no-shows at their job? No!

We as a gender should stand tall in the face of adversity, fighting sexism and negative stereotypes, proving to our coworkers, bosses, and most importantly, to the next generation that we are strong and can hold up to any challenge put in front of us, no matter how insurmountable it may seem.

I have long been against citing my two X chromosomes as a reason to do something, but on Wednesday, I will not be skipping out and skiving off. I will show up and show the world that I won't let anything keep me from doing so.

Women who encourage 'A Day Without Women' are, in my opinion, setting back the clock on feminism. Show up. Not just to work, but to life.

-M, Personally