Today I Will Be Happy

Today I am making a commitment to being happy. 

Starting with these beautiful flowers I picked up at the local Farmers Market, I am going to have a great day today. First I'm going smile about the ingenuity of my makeshift vase, yes it is indeed my Contigo water bottle.

I am determined to stay positive today because the past 36 hours have just been, honestly, awful. I really just mentally need the next 24 hours to be good-ish. I'm not asking for great, I'm not asking for amazing. I'll be happy with slightly above average at this point. 

I've got another slightly less hectic weekend ahead of me, hopefully filled with focused work, healthy food shopping, and if everything goes well, a rewarding trip to Target.

I really ought to get to sleep soon I guess.

As I sit here burrito-ed in blankets typing ceaselessly into the dark, I'm finishing up for now. I'll post again tomorrow evening to update you all on how my day went. Hopefully queuing up a few more posts for this week to make up for being MIA in my week of hell!

Writing to you from M, Personally