Daily Diary #6: The Social Media Face

It's not really daily is it? I'm working on it I promise.

Getting back to school was a rough start. Didn't get a good jump on my online classes, plus had a heavy work schedule last week, so it was a bit of a struggle. Starting off behind, but working on getting ahead. Not my best, start, but I've had worse.


I'm tired of the social media face. You know the one I'm talking about, when you put up the glamorous photos showing off your great life. It's not as bad for normal people. but it's more the celeb type who annoys me with it. People get this idea that money is everything and if you aren't happy and perfect and great all the time, your life is a failure. I do it too, even though I'm incredibly aware of it. When it comes to YouTube celebrities, I think it does the most damage. A lot of younger kids, say middle school age, see this and don't understand that shit isn't shiny all the time. If this blog takes off the way I want it to, I want to share the ugly and the pretty, the good and the bad. I don't want just happy posts about my good days. I wanna post when my hair is greasy and my skin looks a damn pizza and I can't get out of bed for the third day so that people know that depression is real. And I wanna post when I'm all glammed up going to an event, perfect hair and make up and feeling good so people know there still good times. And when I'm fresh out of the shower with wet hair and no make up. And when I wake up with hilarious bed head. And when I see a cool dog. And when I'm sad. And happy. And angry. And when I have a massive bowl of mac n cheese. Because that's what life is. It's goods and bads and happys and sads and big bowls of the best food on Earth. I love my life, not every day, and I want to share the real life with people. Show that it can be shitty and that it can be awesome. And that's ok. It's not all monograms and perfect hair and traveling smiles. Cause that's just bullshit. I tried to pretend to be that. And I hated it.


2.4.17 This was from a few days ago, just forgot to post it.