Daily Diary 5: I'm Tired

I'm tired of being jerked around by life. From politics and companies and colleges and "friends" and other people.

Maybe its just because I was so much of a doormat for my life. Now all this anger towards stupid people and people who treat me like garbage, it's all right here, you know? I just feel tired of the bullshit.

I want to channel this anger and hate into something though. I want to make something productive out of this, I don't want to waste the energy. I've got so much creativity and an massive amount of drive to do something.

After considering all these new blog ideas, I've changed my mind. I'm just going to rebrand what I have and push to grow all of this to be as large as I can, spanning as large as I can make it. I want to take all of this energy I have from hate and anger and channel it into something positive.

Have Anger, Use Energy, Create Positivity.

I want to make good in the world.

And I want to do all honesty, talking through the bullshit and downtimes, not create some illusion that everything it happy and bright. The reason I started and branded this blog the way I did.

Life isn't glamorous. It's shitty a lot of the time. And that's ok.