Daily Diary #1: Let's Give it a Try

Hello world!

So I decided to try an idea recommended to me by the writer of The JPenn blog. He suggested I try writing every day. So, here I am. Writing. I figured I'd just go on train of thought, unless I have one thing I want to write about. I'll post this in the evenings so it'll be up in the mornings to read, if anyone cares to check it out.

Shower Thought of the Day
How often do we take life advice from children with cancer? Why?
I mean I do it too, but like, why?

I painted my nails today. Used my go-to pink, Essie's Plumberry and I used Sally Hansen's Gel Shine topcoat for the first time. I like it so far, but let's talk in a week when my polish has gone through the ringer.  Still love the pink polish though!

I was thinking about renaming my blog. A little rebrand. I've changed since I started the blog, you know? Something that's a little more expandable and creative. I've got some ideas, but it's a bit of work to make sure everything lines up and names carry through and all, but it's going pretty well so far.

I really hate that blog hosting sites don't delete unused blogs. I mean I've been looking at a new URL and on both Blogger and Wordpress, there are blogs that haven't been used since 2008, but still work. What the hell internet.

So update on the new blog thing, found the owner of one of the possible URLs, sent her a message, and hoping that she reads it. She's in England, and its like midnight there as I write this, so I won't hear until the morning. Hopefully, this works!

I broke the oven today. I'd retell the story, but I'm lazy and thirsty, so check out the reddit TIFU I posted today.

I really need to work out more. I did good for like two weeks, but then got out of it for a while because life got in the way. More than that, I have to stop eating like a pig. It's honestly kind of gross.

Writing a blog post about books with plot twists really does ruin the surprise.

Its so cool. Go take a listen. You can listen to different radio stations around the world.

Life Goals
To dance around my London flat, sliding while wearing fair isle socks, and having Frank Sinatra on the highest possible volume.

And that's all for today. Have a good one, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.



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