52 Weeks of Journaling: What I'm Thankful For

Hey y'all! Trying to get back into this whole blogging thing, and I found this bit of inspo on Pinterest and decided to try it out. I decided to swap up the first two since today is Thanksgiving. So without further ado, in no particular order here is what I am thankful for this year.

1. My Job   I was financially struggling the last few months I was down in DC, so I'm just grateful to have a job in general. But I'm very thankful that I work with people who I like, in a place close to home, that schedules around my classes and promoted me so quickly. It's not my favorite job. And I don't plan on being there forever, but I sure as hell am grateful in there here and now.

2. College Opportunity   While OCC is definitely not my first choice (or second or third), I am still furthering my academic career, I will be finishing my Associates Degree in the spring, and then another two-ish years to finish my Bachelors. I'm just thankful that I'm working towards the end goal.

3. My Dog   He's a saint. Seriously.

4. My Brain   I am a smart person. I'm not gonna act like I'm not. I'm proud of my brain and where it's gotten me in my life. I need to remember to treat it better, considering how far it's gotten me in life so far. I am so incredibly thankful for my brain.

5. The Electoral College   What's thanksgiving without getting a little political?? I'll keep it a short. When you look at the electoral map by counties, way, way more ended up red than blue. While there was a majority voting blue, more individual counties went red. Without the electoral college this country would be run by mob rule. And I am so incredibly thankful that this country is not run in such a way.

6. My Friends   I've got four amazing people in my life who all do their parts to keep my sanity somewhat in tact. Without them, I'd be slightly more insane than I already am. I'm so grateful for these friends. Without them, I don't know where I'd be. Probably a mental ward.

7. My Voice and the Courage to Express It   So many people have so much to say. And I'm one of those people. I've got a lot I want to say. And I'm working towards being able to say it. I'm working on building up that courage to be able to say it in the full extent that I want to. But I'm getting there! And I'm thankful that I've got the courage to get to where I want to be.

8. My Convictions and The Ability to Stick to Them   Very often in my life I feel as thought I've caved on so many things. Lately I've felt like I've been standing on my own and standing up for myself for what feels like the first time. And it's great. I am so thankful that I've finally found my lady balls and I'm proud of myself for it.

9. My Creativity   I always identified myself as being completely incapable of being creative, I was never the one making the ideas, I just put it into action. But lately, my brain has felt like it's been on overdrive. I've had ideas out my ears lately! I've got notebooks upon notebooks and post-it's upon post-it's of just little bits of things I've come up with to say and to write and to do and to make! I'm so grateful that I've hit my stride or at least a stride moving towards something bigger and something so much more satisfying to me!

So nine things? That's not too bad of a list for me! This post is a day later than I wanted, but hey, that turkey nap really did me in. Until next time folks

Writing to you from M, Personally


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