Daily Diary #4: Inaugural Thoughts- America First

Just like I live blogged Eurovision, I'm live blogging Trump's Inauguration today.

Getting started after everyone is in the car, and I just got a close up of Hillary Clinton, and this poor woman looks terribly upset and I do feel bad for her. Not that I want her to be POTUS either, but I do feel bad.

Good decision to have Clarence Thomas do the swearing in. Smart political decision. Plus he's one of my favorite justices.

Brit Hume is 100% right, Obama has been very classy and cooperative with the change and I think that speaks to his character.

I like H-dog's lipstick. @Hillary, what's that shade girl??

Oh god I miss W and Laura. What wonderful people.

I have hope for Trump. He's far from stupid. I really hope the rhetoric fades to some really intelligent lawmaking decisions. Like, really, really hope.

Gasping and dying because holy damn Ivanka girl you are amazing.

Gonna throw this out there, she's like an American Kate Middleton. Stay with me, cause I can back that shiz up.

It's been interesting that Barron Trump has been MIA the past couple days. His dad's the new POTUS, you'd think he's get a couple days off school for this.?

"Nothing is easy on capitol hill, EVER" True Brit Hume.

Refinery29 trying to be political is a joke. Such a wannabe Cosmo.

Barron, take off your father's toupe!

When Charles K is talking about how amazing it is that we've had such a long time of peaceful handover of power and that Dems who skip the inauguration are really breaking a civic code. He's right, this is NOT the time nor place to take your stand. 

They seated Bernie next to John McCain. lol what.

Not loving the length of Michele's coat, but she looks amazing!

Melania you're stunningly beautiful and I hope you do well as first lady.

RIOTERS are smashing windows of businesses in DC. Because that makes a lot of fucking sense? You're hurting local businesses, destroying your own home!! What does that prove?? Seriously, can someone help me out here?

Mitch McConnell's wife is a scary lady. I've met her. She's a very intense woman who you do not want to mess with. 

I think it's good that Barron is staying in NYC to finish the school year. People are up in arms about it. Why? Is it bad we want our country's children to have a steady, reliable, quality education??

Goosebumps. This is history y'all!

Can you hear the crowd cheering! 

Idk how I feel about the chanting though...

First of all, Paul Ryan, yes.

With the weight that this man is walking with, you can tell he understands what he's gotten himself into. He's feeling the god damn weight. 

Melania looks like she wants to vomit. Seriously.

Mitch McConnell you turtle. 

That thumbs up! I kind of love it tbh.

Peaceful passing of power is what this country is all about and damn near built on. 

I hate when places have prayers ans stuff. As an agnostic, I always feel uncomfortable and I never know what to do. 

Finn is sleeping soundly through the inauguration, life is good for dogs. This isn't political related. I just love my dog.

Interesting as hell choice for a second reading holy crap, is this really in the bible?!

The chorus is good, but can we fast forward to his speech? I wanna go get lunch, but I can't leave until it's over.

Wow these girls are amazingly talented holy crap.

Chuck Schumer is talking? Yep, time for lunch break.

Can you hear the yelling during Chuck's speech? Is that a lot of murmurs or boos??

Barron is fidgeting, me too kid. 

Goosebumps are back y'all!!

Congrats Mike Pence! #Veep48!

Barron stop arguing with your mother. This is the god damn inauguration. Argue after.


My second ever inauguration, and I have just the same sense of pride and excitement and everything as I did in 7th grade, sitting in my math class watching it on the class television. GAH, right now, in this moment, I love this country.

What's all the whistling and yelling from below. My heart is stopping. Please don't be anything bad. 

Welcome to a new era America! #MAGA

Rebuild and restore for all. Smart word choice. 

Thanking the Obamas, very classy T!

Power back to the people!

He's not wrong about the establishment. He's entirely right. As a middle class American, I really hope he does bring change. 

It should be controlled by the people!! 

"Forgotten no longer" I hope so.

He's right, this is a MASSIVE movement for America and the world.

"America exists to support its citizens"

Use of the term Destiny as an operative, interesting..

Interesting vague comment on the borders, mixed feelings there..

He's right about a lot of our infrastructure though. We've lost a lot. That being said, we're still the greatest country in the world.

America First! The new saying. I'm not against that tbh..

He's never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down!

As an American, I am not against buying and hiring American.

"The right of all nations to put their interests first" I like that. I like that a lot.

Eradicating Islamic terrorism. TERRORISM. Not all muslims. 

"When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice" YEEEESSSSS LIVING TOGETHER IN UNITY

We are the UNITED States god damn!

"Protected by God" Ehhhhhh but ok

A nation is only living as long as it is striving, YEES


Time for empty talk is over, it's the hour of action, T I'm holding you too that man!

No challeneg can match the heart, fiht, and spirit of america! Whoot!


Whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the red blood of patriots!

Goosebumps at the night sky bit!

Almighty creator, ehhhhhhh not so much 

"You will never be ignored again" I god damn hope not. 

OUR American Destiny, v interesting word choice

Strong, Wealthy, Proud, Safe, and Great Again. Now THAT was a hell of a closer!

Having the black minister(?) speaking was a good decision to close it all up. Smart decision. 

I feel so AMERICAN right now tbh. I really do love this country, even though it has it's moments. 

And that's all folks. Have a good day, good luck to 45, and God bless America!