My State of the Union: 3/27/2016

Good Sunday Morning to you and welcome to of my Sunday State of the Union! This is the week in short and will cover everything from A to Z, or at least everything between A and Z that I care to mention. This weekly post will be published EVERY Sunday morning and will be written throughout the week.
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What a week. Let me tell you, I am really, really glad that this week is over. Every day has been just one thing after another and I need this nice weekend to catch up and reset. With everything that's happened, I think we all need a little reset. And maybe a manicure too.. But without further ado, here's the week:

1. Brussels Attack - Being a weekly review, I can't avoid this awfully sad bit of news. Tuesday morning in Belgium there was a series of terrorist attacks leading to 31 deaths at the time that I am writing this. I first heard the news early Tuesday morning, when J had messaged me about it. All I can say is that I am sending positive thoughts to all those touched by these events. Here's to hoping that world leaders take this as a sign to do more, not in prevention, but in complete elimination of the perpetrators of these awful attacks. If you're looking for more information, I encourage you to check out the linked article from BBC to keep as updated as possible. 

2. #StandWithZoe - On Wednesday night, YouTuber Zoella Sugg posted a picture on snapshot. In that picture, you could see her underwear. And people lost their minds. The underwear covered all of everything going on, but yet so many people considered the picture utterly obscene. Honestly, with all of what's going on in the world, I don't think her picture was really all that important. But since it blew up overnight, I have to say that I #StandWithZoe. She wasn't hanging any of her bits out, it was just a selfie with a cute top and a pair of CK underwear before she went to bed. Comparing this photo to, say, Kim Kardashian's latest nude antics, Zoe's photo really isn't bad. I mean, I've seen more revealing photos on VS billboards in New York. The only think I'm concerned with is where did she get those underwear, because they are super cute, and look super comfy too.

3. Not in Kansas Anymore - Okay, so it's not actually all that new, but I absolutely love the new  spring line from J Crew. Gingham is back! Step aside Dorothy, we aren't in Kansas anymore with these fabulous designs. My favorites? First of all, definitely the popover, a must have for summer. The Martie pant is amazing too, I have such a love for patterned pants, and this is just one pair I definitely need to add to the collection. No gingham shopping spree is complete without a pair of shoes, and no pair of shoes is complete without a bow and the d'Orsay flats fit the bill perfectly!

4. B(v)S - No I mean Batman v Superman. Well, let's be honest it's BS too. Have I seen it? No. Do I plan on seeing it? Definitely not. The linked Vox article is one example of many, many terrible reviews. The one amazing thing about the film though? Henry Cavill. Let's be real though, I'd watch him any day.

5. The Best Bloomberg - As an equestrian, I already loved Georgina Bloomberg. In the linked T&C article Emily Selter interviews Georgina all about her philanthropy and philanthropic interests. She does a lot of work with the ASPCA and has rescued all kinds of animals, dogs, pigs, and even a goat. She's an amazing rider, an amazing philanthropist, and an amazing role model! I definitely recommend that you check out the article.

Photo of the Week:

Taken from the review of La Tomate by the Bitches Who Brunch, this is our photo of the week. I write this on a perfectly cool Saturday morning filled with clear skies, the perfect jeans and flats weather, and the best brunch weather imaginable. Unfortunately, I'm writing this in my pajamas, binge watching Sex and the City for the first time, and pretty much starving to death. Okay maybe not starving, but really, really hungry. I haven't brunched outside of the campus dining hall in months, and I think the fake eggs are starting to get to me. 

Quote of the Week:
"Welcome to the age of un-innocence. No one has breakfast at Tiffany's and no one has affairs to remember."                                                    - Carrie Bradshaw

In honor of my binge watching Sex and the City for the first time, I picked the arguably most iconic of all the quotes from season 1. While I disagree, I think breakfast can always be at Tiffany's and I'm certainly going to make my latest "affair" certainly one to be remembered. While I'm here with my blog to try to prove Carrie wrong, I'm still going to be spending this brunch-less weekend with my new manicure watching SATC and pretending to do homework.

I hope this week is better than last, but until next time,

Writing to you from M, Personally

PS Remember J from the recent relationships posts? He wanted you all to know that England beat Germany this weekend 2-3 after being two down. After my incorrect guess, I was informed that this indeed was soccer, ah excuse me, football, and apparently is a very big deal. So go you England!


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