My State of the Union: 3/20/2016

Good Sunday Morning to you and welcome to of my Sunday State of the Union! This is the week in short and will cover everything from A to Z, or at least everything between A and Z that I care to mention. This weekly post will be published EVERY Sunday morning and will be written throughout the week. 

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First week back in DC post-break is in the books and I for one am already ready for the summer. Politically this was a big week too, with all kinds of crazy news left and right. Best part of the week? St Patrick's Day of course! The one day a year when everyone is Irish and most people drink like it too. I for one spent my St Patrick's Night in, working on homework and writing for the blog. While rocking as much green as possible of course! Without further ado, here's the week!

1. Marco Rubio Drop - I won't say I predicted it, but I predicted it. Unfortunately, after losing the Florida primary this past Tuesday, Senator Marco Rubio dropped out of the race for president. I liked Rubio a lot, but he just lacked the momentum to get voters to out to the polls. It's not surprising to be honest. All that being said, Rubio definitely has a successful political career in front of him, should he choose to continue on that path.

2. Vine-Tube - We can all agree that Thomas Sanders is a Vine god and John Cozart is a YouTube sensation. This past week, the two of them got together to create Vine vs YouTube: The Song. And it is fantastic. The two of these guys are the funniest and most talented I've seen in a while and you should definitely check out their video!

3. Shut. Up. -  Something big is happening. Change your life big. Bigger than orthodontia big. Princess Diaries 3 is happening. (Momentary pause for excited squealing). The director as well as Anne Hathaway are in for the three-quel. I am absolutely dying right now. Probably the best news I've heard all week to be completely honest. Princess Diaries was my childhood. I totally connect with Mia's transformation in the first movie, from poofy haired awkward girl to stylish awkward princess. I'm just waiting on some Chris Pine-looking, preferably accented, prince to swoop me up like the second movie. Hey prince, maybe going to see Princess Diaries 3 for the first date? Sound's like a pretty good plan to me!

Photo of the Week: 

I had another photo, for this week's SOTU. With the problems publishing this post, I decided to edit it last minute, changing the photo to the Belgian flag in light of recent events. An article will be shared in next week's post.

Quote of the Week:

                 "When things go wrong, don't go with them."             -Unknown

Oh yes, after all the issues I've had with Blogger these past couple of days, I've learned my lesson. Always plan ahead and don't let things going wrong take them with you! My lesson for taking the last few weeks of good fortune for granted!

On that note, I'm off to go do my Sunday workout. Until next time,

Writing to you from M, Personally


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