Hometown Blues

Growing up, I was never a big lover of my hometown. I liked it well enough, but I never really felt like it was really home, you know what I mean? It was where home was, but it wasn't home. When it came time to apply for colleges, I didn't really have much that was keeping me tied to my hometown and I was ready to move away.

Going to college in DC was an amazing decision and I don't regret it one bit. But every so often, I do miss my tiny little hometown. It's an itty bitty place, according to the 2010 census we boast a whopping 2,303 residents. In comparison, my middle and high school combined had about 3,000 people. Yeah, it's that tiny.

In honor of my first week back in DC and the start of the spring semester final push, here are the four things that really give me the hometown blues

1. The Beaches - I am no great beach lover. I can't swim, I hate jellyfish, I don't like sand, and let's not even talk about the sun. The beach is not a fun place for a grumpy pale person like myself. But I can't imagine life without having the beach there. Being away from it for most of the year really make me appreciate the ability to go to the beach pretty much whenever I want. The cover photo for this week is an aerial photo of there beaches of my hometown. Well I live on the mainland, so technically the beaches aren't of my hometown, but we're pretty much all one big community there, so it counts. You jealous yet?

2. Wawa - I'm from New Jersey, so this is no surprise. We have a convenience store on campus, and there are the occasional gas stations in DC, but nothing can compare to Wawa. Every trip home includes a stop at the nearest Wawa for a sub, a cup of mac n cheese, and a peach Snapple (which I can't find anywhere in DC!). And the next day for breakfast is a Pork Roll and Cheese Sizzli. It's the eleventh commandment, thou must stuff oneself with as much Wawa as possible. If you've never been there, I can't explain it to you. Any New Jersian knows what I mean. Just ask them. No, it's not the same as a Seven Eleven and don't even try with Sheetz!

3. Driving - Don't get me wrong, the metro is really convenient, and I love not having to buy gas every few days. I can't imagine driving in DC anyways, the traffic here is insane. But sometimes, I just miss having the radio on full blast, windows down, going 30 above the speed limit on the highway. I mean, uh, follow the laws. And don't tell my mom!

4. Food - Not just any food. And I mean more than my mom's cooking. I miss the restaurants and specifically, the burgers. Burgers are probably one of my favorite foods, cause you can have pretty much anything on them and there's a 99% chance that it's still delicious. Favorite burger? Medium with a fried egg and pork roll with aioli sauce. I could eat that burger every day and be completely happy with life.

5. Finn Dog - Let's be real, the only thing we all truly miss while we're away at college is our pets. And Finny is no exception. While I was home, he and I had taken to napping and blogging on the front porch in the sun. It was so great and I took more than enough photos of him while I was home last week. And I restarted up Finn's Instagram account, my mom loved to post on it. Maybe I'm biased, but I think he's way cuter than most of the other insta-famous dogs, what do you think?

Well I'll end this week's post with that happy little puppy face, because who doesn't love little puppy faces! Until next time,

Writing to you from M, Personally


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