Valentine's Day

I struggled to write a post for Valentines Day. Being a holiday and all, I figured it deserves a special post.

See here's my problem though, I don't have anything to write about.
I'm not in a relationship, so there's no reason for me to write a sappy love post or describe the day I spent with my SO
I'm not at all about that hookup life, so I'll have no wild and crazy post-party night stories.
I'm not going out with friends, so no Galentine's day stories either.
And I'm not miserably single, so I can't even complain about that!

I'm happily single this year, which is a new thing for me. So I guess I am obliged to write about how I live my life as one of Queen Bey's Single Ladies. Which I will be playing and dancing to while writing this post, of course. So without further ado...

I mean I can't have a post about being a single lady without a Beyoncé gif.
(And for the record, my autocorrect has Beyoncé's name saved with the little accented e)

 For the longest time I had craved a relationship. Looking back, I just wanted a person. Actually not a person. The person. My person. Which was a pretty selfish reason, to be honest.

I finally did find my person, though quite on accident. It was great between us for the time and I liked him a lot. Like, a lot. Unfortunately, it ended abruptly because of some outside difficulties. For example, the Atlantic Ocean. We ended it on good terms and still talk pretty regularly to this day. I know you're all dying to hear all the details, but it's that's a very long post that isn't coming in the foreseeable future. Some things I do like to keep anonymous.

But after him came another guy. Who was indeed on this side of the Earth. It was good with him, but it ended after four months. I was pretty broken up about it for a while, but looking back it probably was all for the best.

After him though, I went through a few month period that I now call the "dark days." Bad times, unfortunate guys, desperate emotional me, and a few too many (mis?) adventures. I don't look back on those months proudly.

But thanks to those awful few months, I learned a lot about life and about myself. I wrote The Boyfriend List. I gained a bit of confidence. I lost some self respect. Altogether, I grew a lot from that time, learned my lessons, and moved on into a better lifestyle with a better mindset.

Which brings us up to now, where I am happily single and, as A calls it, dating myself.

What does dating yourself entail? Well it means whatever you want it to really. Dating yourself really comes down to you taking some time to find yourself and learn to love yourself. It's easier said than done at first. It's taken me a while to fully understand what it meant to 'date myself'.

So now that I am in the one-girl relationship, what are my plans for this big V-day? Well that is a very good question that I don't completely know the answer to. Probably a lot of reading, I'm in the midst of Sense and Sensibility, just getting into the good parts now. I also want to try a new cookie recipe from Carly at TCP. I've heard a lot of rave reviews of her mom's recipe and I've just got to try it! After cookies and reading, I'm going to a late night showing of Deadpool with a few friends, because we pick only the most romantic films to see.

Who knows, maybe I will have a wild Sunday anyways. If anything exciting happens, you all will certainly be the first to know!

Until next time, have a wonderful Valentine's Day, from me and Liz Lemon

Writing to you from M, Personally 


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