WWP #1: February 3, 2016

One of my goals this year is to be able to run the Marine Corps Marathon next October. In order to do that, one requires a serious level of fitness. A level that I pretty severely lack. While my goal may be a bit loftier than possible, I like to set this one high. I'm okay if it takes a little longer than I wanted it to, since personal health and fitness is not something to joke about.

I'll be writing more about my personal fitness goals another time, but becoming healthy and active has been important to me for a while. And especially over the past year. Because of that, I want to keep myself motivated to get and stay fit. Part of that is going to be holding myself accountable by telling other people. And you my dear readers, are often going to be those people.

Every week, I will post that day's workout, for you all to try and enjoy. I'll post it every day on my Twitter as well!

So without further ado, here is the Weekly Workout Post #1!

The Daily Workout today was:
15 Basic Squats
15 Kickback Squats
6 Tricep Dips
10 Mountain Climbers
30 Crunches

This morning also featured some yoga from Brett Larkin's Channel.
I started out with power slow flow, which was an intermediate class. I shouldn't have been so ambitious, as it proved a little difficult for me. I decided to go with Day 1 of her 18 Days of Yoga series, and skipped around through the class a bit (not good, I know!) as I was running out of time and getting a bit frustrated with myself. I ended up doing about 30 minutes of yoga this morning. I didn't want to end on a bad note, so I followed through to the meditation sequence on the end of the Day 1 video. I've never done meditation before, outside of meditative breathing techniques for anxiety or Savasana. In Brett's video, we did about 6 minutes of meditation, including 2 minutes of Kapalabathi. And it was actually really great. While I wasn't super comfortable on my towel and I was a bit impatient through it all, once I finally resigned myself to sit and actually stop for a couple of minutes, it was great. I 100% recommend Brett's videos to anyone, just make sure you pick one that fit's your workout length and skill level! I'll link the two I did below:

60 Minute Power "Slow Flow" Yoga
"A power yoga class that doesn't rush you! Perfect for midday but practice it anytime. Sweaty & serene!"

Day 1 HOPE - Strength and Surrender
"In this 35-minute class, we learn the yogic breathing that will guide us through the rest of this challenge and tone the abs and legs w/ lunges and seated core work."

Until next time,
Writing to you from M, Personally


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