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This past Sunday, the ever well-dressed Kiel James Patrick released his new website, KJP.com. As the curious (read: nosy) window shopper I am I just had to go take a peek. To stay true to my ways, what kind of window shopping blogger would I be if I didn't make a wishlist post for it? So after absolutely forcing myself to shop through the whole site, I've managed to narrow down my favorites here. I'll try to keep it short and sweet, but no promises!

Gold Sailor Knot RingGold Sailor Knot Ring
While I am really not a huge fan of rings or wearing gold over silver jewelry, this ring definitely caught my eye. I love the tarnish-y look of the ring as opposed to fully shined. It looks a little more pre-loved and natural that way. I have always thought that the story behind the sailors knot itself was very sweet. In the 19th century sailors would send rope loosely tied in this know to their ladies back home, and depending on how the rope was sent back, it would say how welcome he would be when he returned home. Over time the meaning as loosened up a bit so this ring could be given between a couple or a between friends.

Pearl Point
Pearl Point
The silver partner to the Classy Girls bracelet, I love a classic bangle like this. Big enough to be worn alone, and small enough to be work with a few other bracelets, the twisted rope look is enough to bring a tiny touch of nautical to any outfit. Capped with glass pearls, this bracelet is fitting for any occasion because as Jackie says, "Pearls are always appropriate."

American RowAmerican Row
Let me just start by saying this, even though I'm a big expatriate wannabe, I do love America, love American University, and love old Glory with pretty much everything I've got. So the second I laid eyes on the American Row bracelet from the painted oar collection, I just had to have it. I swore I wouldn't buy anything just yet, but the second anything goes on sale, this will be the first thing in my cart. The fact that it's mostly silver is great since most the jewelry I have is silver. I absolutely love this bracelet!


I have been dying for a really pretty and simple pearl bracelet. This one is perfect because it's simple enough that you can dress it up or down with the outfit. The glass pearls are small and delicate too, not to clumsy rolling around on your wrist. And of course, the sailors knot, one of my very low-key obsessions for jewelry. I also love the Serena Fairchild necklace, if you're looking for something similar!

Rory Gilmore

Scallop Oxford Collection
Who would I be if I didn't mention the oxfords! Buttons down shirts are my absolute favorite kind of shirts, I wear them any chance I get! Class, meetings, coffee dates, or even on laundry days! Dress them up, dress them down, dress them however you want, oxfords are like oxygen for me, cant live without them! KJP brand oxfords feature the scalloped collar which really sets them apart from the others I often see, which gives a great option for personal flair when it comes to getting down to business. I love the Cape Cod Awning pattern shirt which has blue and white vertical stripes and a white collar and cuff. I cannot stand horizontal stripes which are unfortunately very common right now, so the verticals are a really welcome change. The white collar and cuff help keep the shirt from having that 'just too much' factor that a lit of striped clothing has. The one that caught my attention is the pictured Rory Gilmore pattern shirt. First of all, I love, love, love the name. It really is very Rory-esque, making it even better. I love the navy and which gingham pattern, a very flexible set of colors and pattern that works with pretty much everything and pretty much all year. The gingham is very small too, so have the lion's courage, you won't look like you're channeling your inner Dorothy with this shirt.

I really have to stop now, my card is at high risk of just accidentally falling into my hands right now. That being said, excuse me while I window shop just a teeny bit more before getting to my homework. Until next time,

Writing to you from M, Personally

P.S. This is not in the least a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and there was no compensation involved. All photos in this post are not my own.


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