Sunday Surprise

This lazy Sunday I reveled in my current single room status. Lounging in my pajamas, with my sheets a mess,  clothes all over, looking like the definition of Sunday hot mess. Finally, around 12:30, I dragged myself out of bed, and got to work on the lazy chores.

I took my time changing my sheets, loving the new sheet cube. I totally want to give a huge shout out to Tommy Hilfiger, for having these fabulous sheets and TJ Maxx for selling them to me for half of the original price. Please excuse the Ssnapchat photos, but feel free to enjoy my new sheet aesthetic, that I 100% in love.

After taking an embarrassingly large number of pictures of my sheets (oops!), I sat down at my desk to finally get back into blogging flow after my winter break. As I started to type, still slumming it in my gross pajamas, I heard a noise that I hadn't in two months. 

The sound of someone keying into my room. All of the sudden everything went into slow motion as the door opened and she walked in and I'm sitting here with my Sunday hot mess look on point. 

The moment I had feared had arrived. 

The roommate is here.

Okay so fear is the wrong reaction. My new roommate seems like a sweet girl so far, all twenty minutes that I've known her. And in the 90 seconds she was downstairs after seeing my hot mess express look, I was able to put on real pants and adjust myself to look more put together when I met her mom and cousin who helped her move in. After three previous roommates who were less than great, I'm really excited to get to know her better. 

With that, she's just zipped off for a late lunch with her family, and I ought to clean up a bit before they get back, so I look a little less crazy! The first impression wasn't necessarily bad, but maybe I'll be able to make a bit of a better second impression!

More new on Roomie soon, but until next time, writing to you from M, Personally


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