WWP #2: February 17, 2016

Hello everyone ans welcome back to my Weekly Workout Post! We're going to start today's post off right with Day 2 of Brett Larkin's 18 Days of Yoga.

I've sort of turned this daily series into a weekly one for me. I've got plenty of time for more, but I've only got the free room once a week! This week's theme was Ease, something I definitely need to add to my life after the absolutely crazy past few days. The class was 45 minutes long, and suited my level much better than last weeks adventure. The twists and stretches felt amazing on my left side, but not so great on my right. A few years ago I sprained my shoulder and I still have a micro tear in the tendon, which makes a lot of yoga poses more difficult for me, limiting my mobility and strength. Classes with a lot of downward dog are pretty much the first circle of hell for me, after 10 minutes with all that stress, my right shoulder starts to tremble! I liked this class because there was very little downward dog or plank pose and the stretches didn't strain my body too hard, just enough to be tough. It started out pretty tough, the first 25 minutes were definitely trying, but I stuck with it, and it slowed down towards the end and felt great for me. This week's meditation was Savasana, corpse pose, and definitely my favorite. It's so relaxing for me and it's the real reason I stuck with yoga after trying it a few years ago!

So the weekly yoga is done, now time to move onto the much less fun part, the daily workout.

To recap, I split Day 9 up into two days, as I had a hectic weekend. Yesterday was getting back on track with Day 10, and today is Day 11. It's going to be tough getting out of bed tomorrow with all these stretches and workouts!

Day 11:
22 Tricep Dips
30 Mountain Climbers
110 Crunches
15 Oblique Squats

Because of that earlier mentioned shoulder, I've started modifying my tri dips and I've gotten much better results. Instead of the usual stance with a chair in sort of a triangular pose, I sort of make an M shape with my body, almost a table, but my belly isn't flat. Then I bend my elbows, lowering my upper body and core for the same workout of the triceps. It's not so much weight on the shoulders, which is really helpful for me
The crunches were hard for me at first. I was thinking, how do you do 110 crunches at once?! But once I started breaking them down into sets of 20 or 30, counting up to 10 or 15 and then back down, it seems like so much less once you're doing them!
As for the oblique squats, the best way to explain them is with this gif:
So 15 of those should be fun today and absolutely awful tomorrow morning!
Today's fitness motivation is super true. People have started to notice how my body has changed, and it feels absolutely amazing when people look at you and ask, "Have you lost weight??"
And after working every day to become stronger in mind, body, and spirit, seeing the all of your work, dedication, and literal blood, sweat, and tears culminating into the goal you've been striving to achieve, nothing feels better!

Until next time, stay active, drink your water, and Namaste.

Writing to you from M, Personally


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