The Calm After the Storm

After yesterday's minor meltdown(s), I have taken a metaphorical Xanax and finally calmed down a bit. But before I recount the day, I would like to share with you my pride and joy:

I spent probably a good 4 days on this board, a project that realistically should've taken a few hours. But hey, what's the point of life if you rush, right? No that's just my lame excuse for dragging it out! But that's okay, she's hung up and she looks pretty! So it's all okay! I have to be honest though, I'm not looking forward to having to cover it up with papers and punch holes all over it with the pins. Maybe I'll make it work somehow. But that's an issue for another time!

Back to my original point, I did much better today. Went for a good run, ate some pf the best granola for breakfast, did some work in my room, and went to the zoo with one of my closest friends from last year! It was an amazing day, even though I unfortunately did not see the new baby panda.

And to top it all off, we went to the famous (or is it infamous?) TDR for dinner. I have to be honest, it was surprisingly good! They redid all of the interior which looks cleaner and more open now. There are lots of new tables, quite a few high-top types, which I personally love! I usually only got a salad or burger at TDR, but I decided to be adventurous and try some of the General Tso's Chicken. There was a chef right there making the stir fry portion! The rice I got was a bit overcooked, but still good! The meal was actually pretty delicious! And in my usual dining fashion, I topped it all off with my absolute favorite AU food, one of the TDR brownies! They're truly a wonderful guilty pleasure.

As much fun as today was, tomorrow is much less exciting. Another quick run in the morning, a good breakfast, a trip to the container store for a shoe rack-type-thing, and then it begins, I have homework to start! Which is annoying since classes haven't even started yet. I have reading for three classes, Macroeconomics, Comparative Politics, and American Dreams/American Lives. These three seem like they're definitely gonna be the most difficult, but not unmanageable!

So far so good though. Other than one little thing..

My roommate chose tonight to reconnect with all her friends from last year. Now don't get me wrong, usually I wouldn't have a problem with that. Except she is reconnecting with everyone at midnight. Three loud foreign girls have a lot to catch up on. Looks like I'll be up late for my run tomorrow.

Some days, I really hate communal living..

BUT I am going to keep it positive! Because it's all good! To close up, here is a little quote I have taped up next to my desk:

So what does that mean to me? It means that I've already hit the end. It hit the end, the rock bottom, the worst place last year/spring. And this is it. There is nowhere else to go but up. I'm starting from the end now. And it's going to be hard. Really hard. But I've got a good self-support beneath me, good people standing by me, and a blog where I can work my thoughts out. I've got this. I can do this. 

Writing to you from M, Personally


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