New Beginnings for Old Dreams

It's been a while hasn't it! After making a lot of big decisions, I decided that I ought to take some time off from everything go focus for a bit and give myself a reset after everything that happened. If you weren't around then, let me fill you in on everything that's happened..

In June, I decided to transfer colleges. I had been thinking about leaving American for over a year, but I wasn't mentally ready to make the move until after my sophomore year. Being so late I didn't have many options as to where to go. After some thought, I decided that the local community college was the best option for me while I was in limbo between "regular" colleges. So I pulled the plug on American, unpacked all my boxes at home, and had a little meltdown.

Transferring was hard for me. More so mentally than anything else. It was hard for me to say that AU wasn't the best fit for me. My own pride made it very difficult for me to go from an academically great school, to a community college. I was so excited to leave my town and what was a semi toxic friend environment, that it was a huge hit to have to come back home and go to OCC for the year. Back in June, I thought I was coming back like a wounded dog, head down and proverbial tail between my legs. But after two or so months of thinking about the situation, I've really started to come to terms with it.

I had taken the summer off to keep everything lighter, focus on myself, my jobs, and my goals. And it was great. I went full force into planning everything. Usually, I get a little overboard with that, but this time it actually worked to my benefit. Like I mentioned in my Quarter Life Crisis post, I started to realize I wasn't happy with my life. Fed up with it, I decided that I was going to change it all. Over the past two and some months, I've changed my major, my goals, and my entire mentality. And my room, which I am loving, by the way. Now instead of working towards a good job and a good life that'll provide me with a decent future, I'm throwing, like, 90% of caution to the wind and diving head first into my true goals.

Back in 2006, I was ten years old. That was when YouTube began. Not only the spur to a cultural revolution, I was enamored with it. Over the years, I watched a lot of Phil Defranco, a lot of What The Buck, and a lot of iJustine. I thought YouTubers were the coolest people. They worked for themselves, they were brave enough to post on the internet, and they had fun jobs. It was the first time I had seen someone who really enjoyed their jobs and I wanted to do it. At ten I said I wanna do that, but I'm too young, too shy, too poor, and most of all, I was too chicken, just like everyone else said. I know, I was a really positive child. But I held that mentality up until this past June when I looked at my life, kind of hated it, essentially said 'Eff This' and moved on to do what I wanted. It's my life. Why was I letting myself take a nap in the passenger seat?? I jumped up, took the wheel, and decided to drive my life where I wanted it to go. Metaphorically, of course. If we're being honest, this whole epiphany thing happened at like 2 AM over a tub of ice cream while crying. We all have lows, okay?

So that's where I am now. I'm starting a YouTube channel. I'm effing terrified, but I think it's going to go well. I have a lot to learn and plenty of mistakes will be made, but it's gonna be fun, right? I'll have all, like, three of you dear readers to support me along the way, so I'll give you the skinny on the whole deal now.

My blog is going to stay like it is, a generally unfocused lifestyle blog. I've always posted what I felt I wanted to say, and that won't really change much. I'm going to try to stilt it a little more towards the college lifestyle niche, but again, I post what I like to write.

My channel though, will be focused on college and my college journey. As a transfer, I have a unique opportunity to share my journey with you all. There isn't a lot of information online about transferring, at least that I could find, and I felt like I could help fill that gap. I felt like videos would be more natural, more personal, as opposed to just words on a page. I want to be able to share my experience with others, and I want to create a space where others can share theirs too.

The one big change will be a bit of rebranding. With the new revival of the blog and new dedication to the potential future of all of this, I feel like it's time for me to take everything to the next level. In the coming weeks I will be buying my URL and instituting a new theme with a new logo. I was hoping to have everything done for the relaunch, but it just wasn't feasible for me. So hang tight, thing's might be a little funky for a while!

So, all of that being said and done, here I am, at the edge of the diving board into a pool. And for the first time in my life, I have the courage to jump in head first. Not just with the blog or the channel, but with life in general.

The first video **should** go live this Friday so be sure to follow and like all of my social media below, and don't forget to subscribe! Until next time,

Writing to you from M, Personally


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