Two Wrenches of my Weekend

I know it's an odd title. but stick with me! Sometimes life throws a wrench in your plans. And in 100% honesty, it effing sucks. When that happens, you have to adjust as best as you can. Unfortunately the wrench hit me kind of like this:

Usually I do my best to adjust to the situations at hand, but this week hit me like, well, a wrench to the face. The adjusting took a little while.

School was a lot different than I expected. Going from a pretty highly ranked 4 year university to a community college, I think I really underestimated my classes. They're all pretty intense. Which I should have been prepared for since, you know, I picked them. It's not so much that I'll be overwhelmed, just as long as I focus, avoid procrastinating, and manage my time as best as I can. I don't expect to be perfect, because it's just not realistic. But I'm going to try my hardest to be my best. I have some lofty goals this semester, and I'd really like to achieve them and look back at everything with more pride than regrets. After my first week, I knew that school was going to take up more of my time than I thought it would, but not an inordinate amount. Not something I couldn't still work around.

Speaking of work, and that smooth as hell transition, work is also a lot more than I was prepared for. It's not a big glamorous job. I mean I work at ShopRite. But I do work 20-25 hours each week. That's a lot of time I can't mix with other things or multitask during. When I'm at work, my job requires me to be focused. To make it sound a bit fancier, I'm a supervisor. I watch over up to 30 employees at once. Usually not by myself, but it's a lot of people to be responsible for. That requires my attention and it seriously exhausts me. I get home at the end of the day, and I am legitimately tired. Which is great, but it does limit my schedule more. I'm not going to half ass any of my projects, academic, professional or blog wise. Its not fair to my professors, my peers, my co-workers or you my dear reader! 

Aside from those two, I had another big wrench in my plans. As you might have read in LINK last week's post, I wanted to start a YouTube channel. It's been my dream for ten years and I was ready to make it happen. Unfortunately, the camera I was borrowing became quite unavailable to me. Big uh-oh. It's a little hard to make videos without, you know, a camera. I tried the ones I had at home, but the quality just wasn't up to par.

I've always been honest with you all, and I'm not changing that now. Last Friday night I was having a meltdown over it all. Losing the camera really did mess with me more than anything else.. I was so set on following my dream, and right when I was finally able to achieve it, everything fell through. I was so close, but then so, so far again.

On Sunday, I got a present in the mail. I had ordered a microphone for my videos before I lost the camera. And an idea began to form and then it hit me like, well a wrench from the sky, just slightly less painful.

With one of the best microphones for the price and a computer, I have the two basic things I need to start a podcast. And so, I decided, I will! It's a good introduction to video making, just getting used to talking, scripting, editing, and hearing my own voice on record (cringe). I have a long list of what were video ideas, but I can still use them for podcasts, now I can do everything in my PJs! Which is, like, 148% better, let's be honest.

So that's all for now! A specific post about the podcast will come soon, explaining the whole bit and with the first episode! Time to practice my pronunciation now..

Until next time, coming to you from M, Personally 


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