Taking on the Pink Tax: Razors

Lets talk about the Pink Tax

If you don't know what the pink tax is, I'm going to give you Urban Dictionary's definition:

"The proven theory that women... pay more for everyday things branded 'for women' than men do, such as 'women's shampoo,' 'women's razors,' and 'women's deodorant.'"

I don't know if it's a proven theory and this definition was written by a grumpy SJW, but it's pretty much accurate. There are definitely some of you out there shaking your head and rolling your eyes, thinking I'm being ridiculous. I definitely thought it was BS when I first read about this a couple years ago. When I started buying my own beauty/care products, I really noticed the differences between the prices for products that were marketed towards women as opposed to those towards men. Most specifically razors. 

For the record, and all the judgey SJW's out there, no I don't shave to appease men, kay? I started shaving cause I was bullied for it in middle school. Now I shave because I feel like a super sleek dolphin with smooth AF legs. Also under arm hair is gross, on anyone. So, moving on!

I have very dark, very thick hair, so I shave my legs every 3 or so days in the summer, and as little as possible in the winter (gotta insulate!) and under my arms pretty much every time I shower. As you can imagine, I was going through razors pretty quickly for a while. In college, I stopped buying them as often, trying to save a little money. For someone with very sensitive skin, this was a very bad plan. My skin was very itchy after every shower, and no amount of moisturizer did any difference. I was in a lot of pain, and I was miserable. I finished up the semester, came home, and returned to using the cheaper brand razors that the other ladies in the house used. I also started using a shaving cream. The cream helped, but I was still miserable. 

About three weeks after this, I was in Walmart food shopping with Mama M and went to look for a new kind of razor. I was looking for one that was on the less expensive side, but still had some sort of soap in the blade part to help reduce some of the pain and itchiness. I had previously used the women's Schick Hydro razors, and was pretty happy with them. I grabbed a pack of three plastic disposable razors and turned to go, when something caught my eye. Not a foot over, there was a pack of Schick Hydro razors for men. This package came with a metal handle and a total of two sets of cartridges. 

The women's razor? $8.97
The men's? $9.42

So for $8.97, I can have razors for about 60 days. So in a year, I'd need to spend $8.97 six times to have razors. That's about $54 per year. 
For $9.42, I can have razors for 60 days. With this package, I'd be spending $11.35 for replacement cartridges about twice a year. That's about $33 per year.

I'd be saving $21 per year by using the men's razor.

While $21 might not seem like a lot, think about the savings over 10, 20, 50 years. It really adds up! The products are essentially the same, and in all honesty? I prefer the men's razor! My legs feel so much better after I shave, and maybe it's just me, but it feels like my shave lasts longer too. I'm much happier with my switch.

The only negative thing about the men's razor? I can't keep it in my shower, because the metal might rust. I keep it in the tall cabinet next to the shower, on the little stand it came with. Keeping it out of the water will just help ensure that the handle will last longer before the eventual replacement. 

In my eyes, using the men's razor instead of the women's is a great way to battle the pink tax, feel like a little more of a feminist, be a little more like a sleek dolphin, and save some money. What can be better than all of that??

Let's chat in the comments! What razor do you use? Would you consider trying out a men's razor? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Insults? Leave them all below!

I'm off to go tell everyone in my house how much of a smooth, sleek dolphin I am right now. Until next time, 

Coming to you from M, Personally


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