5 Things that Inspired my Wanderlust

I spent the past two years of my life living in Washington DC, one of, if not the biggest tourist cities in America. As a college student, it was pretty easy for me to fall into the “tourist traps” of the city whenever I would head into DC Proper. For most of those two years, I stuck to the usual spots. But once, on a routine walk by 1600 Penn, I made a spur of the moment decision to bypass my future home/office and wander down an opposing side street, following my nose to what one can only call the greatest taco truck ever found. This new discovery really stirred something in me: a desire to find the next taco truck. Literally or metaphorically, I was okay with either.

This first bit of fuel drove me to the ends of the metro lines in search of something. As a self-described homebody, this exploration was new for me, but I kind of loved it. Since that day I’ve had a drive to explore the world around me, and all it took was a little inspiration. 


If you liked this, you should check out the rest of the article over on GoWonder Blog! I did a short guest post there that came out on Saturday. It's pretty good if I do say so myself! 

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