Birthday Wishlist

Well my birthday is officially less than three month's away, so it's time for the first draft of my birthday wishlist. There are plenty of more frivolous items on the list like new make up brushes, a few new oxford tops, or a new backpack. But this list I decided to tried to make it a little more of the serious "big" things. That being said, I wouldn't say no to a few new tops, as mine have seen better days. But here goes nothing with this year's birthday wishlist:

1. Literary Tattoo - I've finally decided to make the move. I have been wanting a tattoo for a long time, but I could never decided what I wanted.  It had to be small and easily hidden too, that was in a professional setting, it wouldn't be seen. I wanted something serious, that had a lot of meaning behind it.For the longest time I never knew what defined me well enough to have it put on my body forever. I was going to do a quote, but I could never settle on one that was short enough. A few weeks ago, I set down and chose a location, the inside of my left heel/ankle area, that flat part under the ankle bone. I really narrowed down on what I wanted: a literary-themed tattoo. I chose a bookish one because my whole life has been defined by reading and writing. Without it, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I don't know exactly what I want, but I'm going to work on ideas. Pretty minimalist, maybe two colors, but probably just black. Even though my birthday is in July, I want to get the tattoo in August of September, after my birthday, but also after the beach season has ended. It'll be easier to keep it covered. And if I end up getting it done in DC, then I can hide it from my Dad for a little while!

2. Buy My URL - I've had my blog for nearly a year now, I'm starting to move into a niche, my views are steadily increasing, and I'd really life to grow my site and brand. The first major step to doing that is buying my URL. I haven't decided whether to host through blogger like I am now, or move somewhere else. I have a lot more research to do before I do anything, but I'm pretty excited to make this big move. It'll be really exciting to not have to use ".blogspot" for everything!

3. Custom Blog Design - While I want to learn to code and do all this myself one day, for now, I have to find someone to do it for me. I've seen a few designers on Etsy who offer a pretty great package for around $20, which will be a great start. I love my free design, but a it'll be nice to have a unified look across all the platforms, especially if I'm buying my URL!

4. Ticket to Ohio - A is living and working out in Ohio now, and I haven't seen her since early March when we went to New York over spring break. A plane ticket from Philly to Columbus isn't too pricey on Frontier, which is honestly my favorite airline. So, I want to go halfsies with my parents to pay for the flight to go spend a weekend with A. We're planning on my birthday weekend and celebrating in style. Yes I mean with a lot of take out and a Grey's Anatomy marathon, because how else are you supposed to spend the weekend you turn 20??

5. Pet for Myself - You all know and love my pup, Finn. If you don't, you should check out Finn's insta, he's got new pictures going up every day! I love Finn to death, probably more than the rest of my family (sorry guys). As much as I love him, I really want a pet of my own to bring back and forth with me between DC and home. It would be really difficult to get all of the paperwork and everything in order, for it to happen, but I would really like a cat or a dog to being with me. I would definitely adopt an older one, a puppy or kitten would be really difficult to train in time to travel back down. A cat would be great, much more low key, up for cuddling, and probably a little quieter. On the other hand, a dog would help me get outside more, great for playing, and I wouldn't have to worry about litterbox duty! Who knows on this one though, there's a lot behind it too.

6. New Camera Body - We got an old canon DSLR from a family friend recently and I borrowed it after spring break to play around with. It's a great camera, still in really good condition, but it is old. I don't mean t3 old. I mean the screen doesn't work as a viewfinder old. The lens it came with it still on good condition, it's the 17-40 mm lens, which it great for me, I want to mainly use it to take photos for the blog. More lens investments are in the future, but a good body is the place to start. I'm leaning towards the Canon t3i or the t5i, not a huge fan of the touch screen features on the t4. If anyone has a Nikon suggestion though, let me know!

So those are the big items on my birthday wishlist this year. They sit among a new pair of nude flats, some Joe Fresh button downs and a personal sized Carvel ice cream cake. I've got to get back to work now, finals are looming in the distance, the last block before I can officially celebrate almost-birthday. Until next time,

Writing to you from M, Personally


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