BlogBlock: Episode 1

Hello folks and welcome back to M, Personally. A blog where the author just gets angry when she has writer's block, and then subsequently forgets about the blog. But of course now that I'm 19 and no more legal than I was at 18, I won't be doing that anymore. At least I hope not.

In the pilot episode of BlogBlock, I will be summing up my summer so far, since I have the biggest case of writer's block ever.

The short version is this: Work, Stress, and Healthy Attempts.

The long version, I've been working a lot, four jobs now. But I'll be quitting one this weekend, and I was just willingly replaced at another. So now I'm down to working in a cute little LBI store and working at a barn in Jackson.

The store is hard. The job itself is pretty easy, but all the other girls are so bubbly and cheery and love talking to people and I would rather clean the floor with my tongue than be all uber bubbly. But I promised my boss that I would try to be more outgoing with customers. I think she kind of gets that I'm not a bubbly, out-there person like the other girls. She was super generous with my hours despite that. I like my boss and I like my job so I actually do want to try to be a little more outgoing. It will definitely help me political career-wise and will definitely help in the equine world too.

Speaking of the equine world, the barn is great, a drama-free environment with nice people, nice horses, and an amazing R-rated judge for a trainer.I'm excited to start next week. Hopefully get a good number of lessons in before I have to go back to DC. My new trainer said she would definitely recommend me to any barns that she could down there. She was super eager to have me on board at the barn.

Finding a barn in DC is going to be a new mission in itself. I need something that's not insanely far outside the city, but obviously there's no barns in DC. It's gonna be a task to find one. And I just wanna get out to one like 1-3 times a month. Showing would be nice, but it's not necessary. I just wanna stay in riding shape. I'm also gonna get myself Anne Kursinski's book on riding fitness and stick to that while I'm away. That, a strict running schedule, and a strict diet. I need to stay in shape. Maybe I can hit a few shows with the new barn here while I'm on Christmas break..

Speaking of DC, this is all hoping that I can even go back to AU this fall. I've got good hopes for it all, but who knows. This blog could take a turn for the even more depressing if it all ends in bad news. *cue uncomfortable laughter*

And by goodnight, I mean I'm off to go watch Netflix.

Writing to you from M, Personally


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