A Reset

I needed a reset.

I started blogging because it was a way for me to relieve stress. I enjoyed blogging and writing.

As of 10 PM Monday night, I had 35 drafted posts in various stages of completion dating back to May of 2015. After a decent breakdown and some outside encouragement, I deleted all but three of those drafts.

All of the half finished posts didn't feel like me. It felt like I was trying so hard to be the blogger that sold, that was Pinterest perfect, that matched content with all the full time mommy bloggers I see on Facebook groups.

I was writing what I felt I should be writing, not what I wanted to write. I was engulfed in find and fitting to an filling a niche, and being the perfect blogger. I had forgotten why I started blogging in the first place.

I needed a reset. So I did.

I deleted all the crappy half starts. And I'm going to write what I want. When I want. How I want. I'm going to connect with who I want. And ignore who I want. I'm going to stick with and work on podcasting, because it's what I want/ And I'll talk about what I want, when I want, and how I want. This is my corner of the internet and I will use it the way I want.

I named my blog M, Personally because I wanted to keep my posts personal, honest, and legitimate. Here's to getting back to roots.

Until next time, coming to you from M, Personally.


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